World overview:

This campaign takes place in a world known as Elderesh. In this world there is a creation myth about an ancient race of Elves called the Elders who once dwelled in the Great Wood of the North. After eons of life alone in this world living in peace and joy, an Elf by the name of Gildire became power-hungry, and after turning enough of the Elders to his side, began a civil war against the peaceful Elders. After nearly a century of fighting, the majority of the Elders had died in battle, and Gildire and his forces were nearly defeated. But Gildire was a master of dark magic, and as a last effort, Gildire created an army of darkness in order to turn the tide in his favor. He created all sorts of vicious, bloodlusted animals and creatures, elementals, golems, harpys, dragons, and many others. In their defense, and seeing that it would not be long before all the Elders—the good and the evil—would soon be defeated, the peaceful Elders created humans, dwarves, gnomes, the lower felves, and halflings. These races were made with special characteristics to adapt to specific environments with the hope that they would be able to restore peace and order to the world. This battle rages on to this day.

Legend has it that Gildire’s legacy lives on in an evil secret society of elves who maintain the imbalance by using the very dark magic discovered by the evil one himself. It is said that these elves have learned to open up portals for short periods of time to the underworld, bringing forth creatures great and small that Gildire has created there. True or not, it is a matter of survival in this world to be in near-constant battle with these creatures.

Fog of War

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