Fog of War

Feb. 5, 2017

The first adventure! AKA - Dry Spell pt. 1

Starting off- PC (player character) backstories:

- Lady Shena Blackrock (Maggie)- Shena is the daughter of a spiritual leader named Corrine, and is fathered divinely by the dragon deity Bahamut. She hails from a village, Dragon’s Breath, which has a deep connection to Bahamut as the deity regularly divinely fathers those who would become the protectors of his people. She is a Paladin, 2 meters tall with blue eyes, short black hair, and silver skin.

- Marion Nailo (Ingunn) – From the elven kingdom capital city of Gabuzar, and is a half-elf. Her elven mother died in childbirth and father abandoned her at birth. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, but then moved to Cacut when she did not fit in. She is a druid who lives alone in the woods of the Grand Duchies of Forlione with her owl Fritjof. She has an irrational fear of cats.

- James Proudkeep (Sander) – from the village of Proudkeep (north of the forest of the Grand Duchies. His family were rulers of the village, and his grandfather was the last of his family line to rule. When his grandfather was betrayed, his family exiled themselves to the forest in an act of self-preservation. He is a ranger, and as a young adult left for a hunt and returned to find his family dead with evidence of an orc invasion. He has always suspected a connection to his grandfather’s betrayal.

- Get information from a bar keep about a drought in the town Cabal, seems mysterious…..
- Shena buys 2 water jugs- each holds 3 days water for one person. cost 2gp
- First night of the two day journey to Cabal – camp by a lake near the path. Going to take shifts, saw a centaur but seems like it is probably ok.
- Middle of second shift- Fritjof freaks out about some rats, James hears him and tries to calm him down, instead poking his eye. Everyone wakes up from the insuing noise.
- The night goes along without incident.
- 2nd day – drought becomes evident.

- They get to the town and the nobleman Nerius tells a tale that he was travelling to purchase an Eversoaking Sponge to help his people’s small drought crisis. On his return journey he was ambushed by a bugbear and his crew. The bugbear, names Reglore, stole the Eversoaking Sponge, and some gold and gems. He gathered a militia, but was unable to defeat the raiders, made up mostly of orcs. So, he asks the PC’s to adventure north towards the forest, find the marauder’s lair, defeat Reglore, and return to the village with his head and the Sponge, for which he will pay 2500gp.

- Spend the night in Cabal at the noblemans house, began the trip to the Marauders cave the next day
- on the way to the forest, encounter pack of rats (4). James takes the most damage, and gets diseased. However, thanks to his healing abilities, he’s able to suck out the poison and cure his disease. Shena uses lay on hands to give him 10 points back.
- Entered the cave after battling an Ogre named Golgo. He got away after bleeding heavily. Inside the cave, they found an entrance with a wall and a couple orcs and a gnoll. They easily killed a gnoll and an orc, and another orc ran away bleeding, presumably to catch up with the Ogre. They went down the hall and dismantled a stone wall that was put up to slow them down. They made their way to the barracks where Shena was ambushed by a javelin thrown by an orc. The party killed 4 orcs, as well as the Ogre and orc who fled to the room. They found in the room as treasure 400gp and a couple of blue gemstones.

Gold Pieces at the end of the session (total for party: 858gp):
- Shana – 348gp
- Marion – 170gp
- James – 340gp

Body Count
- Shana – 2
- Marion – 1
- James – 4



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