Fog of War


Hey guys! Thanks for logging into this page. This is the page where the campaign will be managed in general. On the Front Page you can see a basic description of the world that I am creating for us to play in, and pretty soon I will upload a world-map to the maps section. The forum and calendar pages are unavailable to us.

I wanted to take a moment to write a little bit about how this campaign is going to be run and work logistically. The first session we schedule will primarily be for character creation and development. I hope you will take some time and write a relatively detailed character and backstory. Ask yourself the following questions when thinking of your character to help:
- Why did I choose the race/class I chose?
- Where (the map is not available yet, but you can say what kind of place) is my character from?
- Did they come from wealth? middle class? abject poverty? How does this background effect their outlook on the world?
- Why did they leave their home and begin questing? What are they looking for? escaping? Maybe they have a purpose to bring honor to their family? Or perhaps they are trying to escape capture from some bandit group? The possibilities are endless, and feel free to make up other characters and groups to fulfill your backstory! I will work them into the campaign if possible.
- Does your character have family? Are they still in touch with them or is it an estranged relationship? Or maybe they are all dead? why? how?
- Does your character have any stand-out personality features? Do they have loud night-terrors from committing previous atrocities? Maybe they are positive to the point of being annoying? Nothing is out of possibility.
- What does your character look like? Any defining features—tattoos, scars, deformities, etc?

One last thing about character creation- as fun and cool as it is to be serious, remember to be silly sometimes too. All real characters have quirks, and it makes the game much more fun to include those kinds of things! If your character’s favorite color is green to the point of obsession, then it’s perfectly fine to derail an entire session so you can go from shop-to-shop until you find a shop that has green cloth for your cloak. This is just an example, but it is thins kind of detail that adds a lot of fun to the campaign and will make it something memorable.

This should help you get started thinking about your character. Now a little about logistics and gameplay. The way I like to play is a little freer than many. As I stated in a Facebook message to you guys, some of the rules I like to think of as guidelines. In addition, I will be creating a highly detailed world and a relatively vague plot line. This gives you, the PCs, the freedom to have a stake in the creation of the story. I will be prepared with adventures and plot hooks for you, but you will have to find them and guide the adventure that way.

I will upload here shortly a map of the world. On the first session we will roll statistics and attributes for our characters and equip them. We will begin at level 5. In the first session we will take some time to introduce the group to the characters that we have created, and we will play a short encounter (if there is time) to introduce the characters to one-another in the game and learn the basics of role-playing. During game-play, there are a few basic principles that we should adhere to, and I will enforce this as much as possible. First, during game-play you should address your fellow players by their character names. It is fine to talk in third person about your character, but, for example, if Ingunn’s character is named William, Maggie should call Ingunn William during the session. This takes some getting used to, but it helps us stay in the world. Second, no meta-gaming! You will know things that your character can’t possibly know- details about the contents of your fellow players bag perhaps, or details about fellow players backstory, etc. If you character wouldn’t know it, you should play as if you don’t. This game is not about winning and losing, but role-playing. Third- it is possible for your character to die, and if you do you will have to re-roll a new character. I will try to give you hints and plot hooks so you can avoid probable lethal situations, but if you die it’s your own fault :-D

During sessions you should have a few things with you. Your player sheet, either filled out in pencil or a computer version (there are several available) is the most important thing. You can’t play without it. You need to bring your dice, and a pencil. I will post on this page after each session a plot synopsis of what happened, and the general public contents of everyone’s carry, including items, gold, and anything else of interest. You should bring a notebook to keep track of any more detailed notes you wish to take, as well as to keep track of any secret items you might have (if you have some secret stuff with your character you should message me directly so we can talk about it). Lastly, if you are a spell-caster, I will give you a small notebook for you to make a spell book. I will go over spell preparation during the first session.

That should be enough to get us started. Thanks for joining, and I’m looking forward to having fun with you guys!




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